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Band Members

  • Line-Up
    • Chris Collins (guitar)
    • Nina Grant (bass)
    • Syd Green (drums)
    • Chris Paine (guitar)
    • Adam Pringle (vocals)


Melbourne, VIC, 1992

Band Information

Mantissa was originally known as Killing Time and featured Jed Starr on guitar and Tubby Wadsworth on drums. The name change to Mantissa came in August of 1992 when the band was in the USA for the recording of the exceptional Mossy God album.

The band also switched base from Sydney to Melbourne (where they had, rather ironically, originally formed as Killing Time) around the same time. Mantissa rocked with plenty of funk-laced heavy metal power while maintaining a high melody factor and the band’s music won a large US following. Mantissa toured and worked in the US for almost two years from the end of 1993.

The band's return to Australia was followed by the issue of the "Inter Alia" EP and an appearance at the Big Day Out in Melbourne and Adelaide. Several months later the long-awaited second album was released. Thirst was a stark change in musical direction for the band that failed to be embraced by their fanbase and Mantissa fell apart shortly afterward.

Syd Green joined Christ Art Museum in late 1995 and has more recently featured in iOTA's band.



1993 Mossy God Polydor
1995 Thirst Polydor


1992 Mary Mary Polydor
1993 Land of the Living Polydor
1994 Sanctify Polydor


1994 Inter Alia Polydor

Compilation tracks:

Year Track Title Album Title Label
1992 "Mary Mary" 100% Hits Volume Six EMI