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Welcome to the Aussie Metal Guide!

Check out the Gig Guide now.

Please note: due to this site's recent hi-jacking by a malicious spam bot, we have had to disallow the registering of all new accounts and restrict the editing rights of old ones. This situation will be maintained until we can be sure the targetting of our site by bots has discontinued. Thank you for your patience.

The two main sections of the Aussie Metal Guide are the band/artist pages and the Gig Guide. By using a wiki, we hope to able to list every metal/hard rock show happening in Australia and thereby allow you to plan who you want to go see and, if you're a band or promoter, what your next gig might be clashing with!

Our aim for this site is to eventually provide a complete resource when it comes to metal in Australia by providing complete bios on bands and artists as well as information about venues, festivals and anything else we think important.

To navigate the band pages, enter a band/artist name in the search box to the left, or use these two special pages:

  • All pages - Every page on the site. This brings up every page, including pages that aren't about bands.
  • All categories - State/city of origin or base location (some have one or the other, some have both)

For enquiries, gripes, suggestions, etc. leave a message on my page. If you are editing or adding a page, please visit the Guidelines and Help page first.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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